Genetic Trends


The genetic trend graphs are derived from the database that is used to run the EPD evaluations in Canada. This database includes all data collected in Ontario since 1986 and all data collected in Quebec on the old Federal Record of Performance Program and GenOvis since the early 1980s.

There are five (5) graphs for each breed. The graphs show the genetic trends for growth traits, reproductive traits, ultrasound carcass traits and selection indexes.  It should be noted that the scale for each graph is different. It is expected that maternal traits will change at a slower rate than the more heritable growth traits.


Headings  Traits
B Wt Birth weight direct (kg)
50 Wt 50 day weight direct (kg)
Gain 50-100d Gain 50-100 day direct (kg)
M B Wt Birth weight maternal (kg)
M 50 Wt 50 day weight maternal (kg)
# Born Number born at later lambings (# lambs)
Total weights weaned later Total weights weaned later lambings (# lambs)
Lamb Surv Lamb survival direct (# lambs)
M Lamb Surv Lamb survival maternal (# lambs)
Age Age at first lambing (# days)
Int Interval between lambings (# days)
ULoin Ultrasound carcass loin depth (mm)
UFat Ultrasound carcass fat depth (mm)
Gain Gain index
Carcass Carcass index
Maternal Maternal index
Maternal Ultrasound Maternal Ultrasound index
Maternal Higher Prolificacy Maternel Higher Prolificacy index
Maternal Ultrasound Higher Prolificacy Maternal Ultrasound Higher Prolificacy index


Genetic Trends (1989-2016)





North Country Cheviot


Rideau Arcott





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