Join Me


JoinMe is a web application that permits to share your screen with someone else.

Share your screen:

If you have some difficulties using the GenOvis program online, you can give us access to your computer to see what's wrong. This application allows only to see your screen, without taking the control of your computer. To share your screen, click on Share and give us the 9 digits code that will appear on your screen.

To see a demonstration:

If you would like to have a demonstration to understand how to use the GenOvis program on the web, it is possible for us to log on your computer to process the demo. For that purpose, we will need to take the control of your computer to be able to control the cursor of your computer mouse. These are the same steps as to share your screen, but we will ask you if you want to share the control. If you say yes, we will be able to move the cursor on your screen to show you, in real time, how to enter your data and access your reports.

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