EPDs and Percentiles


The following forms will allow you to locate an EPD's or a selection index's value for an animal within its breed performances. EPD value by itself doesn't indicate where an animal is situated compared to its breed for a specific character. To know the real value of an EPD or a selection index, we use the percentile.

The percentile is the number that reflects the position, in terms of percentile rank, that this EPD is in for the animal’s breed.  For example, a 90% indicates that the animal is in the top 10% of all animals of the same breed for this trait.

These forms convert the EPD's or selection index's value in percentage. You can consult the "Basic Concepts" datasheet, in the Tools section, to get more information about percentiles.


EPDs distribution and percentile tables  July 2018



The statistical analysis for the genetic evaluations uses breed groups. Breeds that have adequate numbers of animals in the database and new animals being added on a yearly basis are grouped alone. Certain breeds with low number of animals evaluated must be grouped to ensure there are enough animals for statistical analysis. 

Breed Grouping

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