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CGIL (Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock, Guelph University, Ontario) is proud to provide and support the genetic evaluation system employed by GenOvis. This allows GenOvis users to make their selection and management decisions based on sound and updated genetic evaluation methods.



CSBA (Canadian Sheep Breeder Association) is proud to be involved in the partnership regarding GenOvis program governance and extension. This allows our members to access genetic values that assist in their management decisions and to express their needs regarding GenOvis developments. 



OSF (Ontario Sheep Farmers) is a proud partner of GenOvis and is actively involved in the program’s governance and extension. GenOvis is a tool that our farmers can use to assist with management decision and improve flock productivity and profitability.


CEPOQ seul

CEPOQ (Centre d'expertise en production ovine du Québec - Quebec Sheep Research Centre) is proud to be involved in GenOvis and serve as an enrolment and extension agent for the partners. GenOvis is an essential tool for productive flocks for the Canadian sheep producer, benefiting not only their needs, but those of their consumers.  


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