To enrol in the GenOvis genetic program or to get more details on the program, contact us by e-mail at genovis@cepoq.com or by phone at (418) 856-1200 extension 221.

Program membership covers the period January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.


Enrolment Form 2019 - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfounland

Enrolment Form 2019 - Ontario

Enrolment Form 2019 - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

Explanatory sheet 2019 (Canada)


For Quebec, 2 enrolment options are offered. Please contact the genetic team to get all the details.

You can complete your 2019 GenOvis membership electronically. Complete the GenOvis enrolment form by carefully reading sections 4 to 6. Copy the message below into your email and attach your completed form (This will be considered as your signature and will prove that you are in agreement with the 2019 terms of the GenOvis program).

"I would like to enrol in the GenOvis program for the year 2019. I have read and understood the general rules. I undertake to respect them and pay the annual fee as soon as possible."

You can also print the form, complete, sign and return it by mail or email (genovis@cepoq.com).


This is the mailing address to return your enrolment form:


1642, rue de la ferme

La Pocatière, Qc

G0R 1Z0

 Fax: (418) 856-6247


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